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Welcome to the website for North Andover’s 2013 update to its Open Space & Recreation Plan.

North Andover’s Departments of Planning and Conservation welcomes your participation as it works to update the Town’s Open Space and Recreation Plan. An up-to-date Open Space and Recreation Plan is critical in order for the town to continue to be eligible for state grants to secure and improve open space and recreation facilities.

An Open Space and Recreation Plan provides a foundation to guide policies and actions by assessing the town’s needs for resource preservation and stewardship and for new or improved recreation facilities and programs. An effective planning process includes opportunities for citizens to work together to create a community vision and outlines goals for resource protection and recreation.

North Andover residents and stakeholders will be invited to attend and provide input at two public forums and will be invited to take part in a community survey as the Town’s Plan is updated over the next six months.

Please use this site as a source of information for the planning process including scheduled events, resource documents, summaries of events, and draft and final reports.